Collective wisdom in action
to help organizations thrive.


Colectivo HR is a strategic alliance between specialized human resources and management consulting firms with one common purpose: supporting people and organizations in their quest to optimize their potential.

We recognize and celebrate our diverse backgrounds and expertise as a core strength. By combining and leveraging our resources, experience, ideas and connections, we can offer tailored solutions to help organizations address their needs and meet their business and people goals, regardless of size or industry.

What we value the most

The power of collective wisdom, networks and partnerships

Strategic simplicity, meaningful insights, and real-life application and experimentation

Working with leaders who want to drive lasting, sustainable change


The Colectivo HR began in early 2021 as a creative experiment of experts in different human resources disciplines who truly believe that every organization has the potential to thrive and be a dynamic, engaging workplace.

We shared the desire to make a difference and challenge ourselves to think beyond ‘best practices’ and high-level advice. We believe in practical solutions that challenge the status quo and really help you make things better for your clients, your investors, your employees and your community. The experience, expertise and relationships gained both individually and as a team enhances the effectiveness and impact of our services.

How we
can help you

To effectively overcome the enormous people and business challenges of these days, we provide our clients with smart, no-nonsense solutions that help them build robust people programs and foster the behaviors needed to support their growth.

  • Change, issues, and crisis management communication
  • Narrative/Communications strategy development
  • Traditional/ Digital media relations & production
  • Spokesperson coaching
  • Community/constituency outreach programs

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  • Growth Consulting working with companies in all aspects of their People Challenges as they grow
  • Comprehensive WellBeing Custom Programs designed to specific needs using Assessment Tools
  • Burn Out/Resiliency Programs – Addressing Leadership Challenges with Comprehensive Tools for sustainable results
  • Talent Retention Strategies –Customized and linked to Engagement/WellBeing and Addressing Burn Out

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  • Fully licensed insurance agency to design and place with all key carriers in Puerto Rico
  • Groups – Self-Insured and Insured – Large/Medium and Small Companies
  • Concierge service from our Authorized Representatives
  • Compliance Management including COBRA, ERISA compliance and 5500 Filin

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  • Leadership development
  • Business and culture transformation
  • Change management
  • Talent strategy
  • Employee engagement

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  • Recruitment – Talent search
  • Executive search
  • Outplacement
  • General HR administration services and support
  • Technological Tools Assessment Management for talent acquisition and outplacement

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  • Total Rewards strategy development and implementation (variable pay, salary structures, etc)
  • Total Rewards studies/competitive assessments
  • Job evaluation/analysis
  • Salary structures design
  • Variable compensation design & implementation
  • Salary administration consulting
  • General compensation consulting

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